Ettore Cella Temperature Gauge

In Stock Origin: Italy Manufacturer : Ettore Cella Model Number : Ingress Protection : IP65 Type : Bimetall Measuring Range : 0/100 Dial Size : 150 mm Dial Material & Color : Aluminium dial with black numerals and graduations on white background. Accuracy : 1% of Span Mounting : Every Angle Permissible Operating Pressure : Wetted Part Material : 316L S.S Case Material : 316L S.S Lens Material : Safety Glass Sensor Process Connection : 1/2" Thread Rating : - Stem Length : Stem Diameter : 8 mm Stem Material : 316L S.S Thermowell Process Connection : 1 1/2" Flange Thermowell Rating : 300# Thermowell Type : - Well Material : 316L S.S Flange Material : 316L S.S T Length : 87 mm U Length : 220 mm Bore Diameter : 8.5 mm Certificate : NACE, Certificate of Conformity and Inspection Certificate are Included. Additional Option : Plug & Chain, Stress calculation for thermowell, 3 Copies of manufacturing data book including instruction manual, operating manual and cataluges. UNIT PRICE : Call for Price

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Type: TNBS 150 Adj. Angle

Thermowell From Pipe: HB3C34N


1) The Certificates are 89 €

2) The Additional options are 89 €