Approved Vendor List

An approved vendor list (AVL) is a listing of various types of suppliers and providers that a company has agreed meets its standards in terms of quality and has authorized purchasing agents and others within the company structure to place orders with when and as required The Procure wants to maintain a high standard with its customer's. Therefore companies that are on a specific AVL will only be used to ensure safety and quality. Below is the list of AVL's which we have used in our projects. If you do not find the specific AVL you are looking for, please send it to us and we will do our best to connect with the vendor's which you prefer to work with.

# AVL's Last Update No. of Vendors Action
1 NIOEC 2016/18/09 4620 More Detail
2 POGC 2016/18/09 3036 More Detail
3 NPC 2016/18/09 4264 More Detail
4 NISOC 2016/18/09 419 More Detail