About Us

The Procure; The future of global procurement


The Procure is the next generation e-Procurement platform for Oil & Gas, Petrochemical,Chemical, and Process Industries. It is a software that essentially combines clients with vendors in order to maximize the purchasing power for the clients as well as creating more business and values for the vendors.


Signing up on this e-Procurement platform is for free. This start-up is meant to help connect clients to well-known suppliers that have global standards for their products. The system will connect the clients to a broader & more trusted market for their needs. We believe that we can generate results for both clients and vendors by automatically facilitating the process which can save both parties cost and time spent on procurement.


As a client, Several inquiries could be sent to different qualified vendors via The Procure software in a safe and secure manner. We have ensured our clients that we can give them the best quality, services and price.


More interesting we have a wide range of product categories available in our inventory which could be used for clinets‘ urgent product requests and could be delivered to them in the shortest possible time. Also, both clients and vendors may have some inventories which are sellable and we can be in charge to do so for them.